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How does genei work?

Harness the power of AI and Natural Language Processing to review any written or spoken content: from your chosen source material (on or offline), genei will extract relevant information, write concise notes and present its interactive findings in our Intelligent Learning Environment.

genei reads:
Genei will review any common filetypes - online or local - including audio and image files; reading and compiling for you. Learning Smart has never been easier.
genei thinks:
cognitive processing akin to the human mind
genei explains:
Featuring interactive citations that are easily broken down, providing intelligent explanations for its decisions, and helping to augment your understanding by spotlighting important points, Genei highlights key words and identifies relevance in relation to your question
genei writes:
Genei uses an amalgamation of NLP and AI driven technology to understand concepts like Significance, Relevance and Sentiment in the same way people do, allowing it to cut down information and present the pieces you need with confidence
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