Billy Richards


Billy recently attained a First studying Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry at Oxford University, where he specialised in Computational Biochemistry. He has successfully launched and managed an events company and a graphic design agency; he has also worked at Accenture and in Sales and Innovation. Billy is the primary back-end engineer and oversees the growth, expansion and operations at genei. His technical acumen and commercial drive combine to unify all facets of the company.

Jack Bowen
Technical Lead
Harry J Crum
Creative Director
Laksh Aithani
Frederick Follows
Strategy advisor
Zachary Rawlinson
Thomas Foster
ML Engineer
Billy B Richards
Adrien Wald
ML Engineer
Genei is a dynamic body comprised of Oxbridge students and dedicated professionals. The company is fuelled by solutions-focused individuals, dedicated to fuelling solutions-focused technology. We are passionate about changing the way the world interacts with data, and we pride ourselves on having a diverse, driven and deeply learned team.